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trading learning methods
There are many trading learning methods, but not all traders are effective. There are those who prefer self-taught self-taught, some want to learn from mentors. There is no trading learning method that is superior to others, because everything returns to their preferences. But if you decide to study independently, isn't it better if it is done with clear rules?

One trading learning guide that can guide you well is the "3S" principle. With this rule, you can find the most important principles in learning to trade so you don't need to be confused where to start and where to go.
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Skill and Knowledge
Capability and knowledge are the first two components that must be developed in the learning process. It is impossible to become a successful trader if you have not mastered the knowledge base needed in forex trading. Logically, where can you develop skills if your basic knowledge still doesn't understand?
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For that, start the learning process by exploring as much knowledge as possible about forex trading, starting from the basics of knowledge for beginners, fundamental and technical analysis, types of strategies, market psychology, trading platforms, and many more. The higher the level of ability and knowledge of trading, the greater the influence on your level of confidence.

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